Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation | Mo Dao Zu Shi: 1x14 | Obscured Sun

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The Sunshot Campaign starts with the four clans marching into Qishan, but their attacks were in vain as Wen Ruohan overpowers them. Lan Wangji helps the Jiang sect by reinforcing their turf and Nie Mingjue beheads Wen Xu with his own hands. This victory boosts the morale of Nie Mingjue’s followers and Wen Ruohan orders every branch of the Wen sect to join the fight. When the Lan and Jiang sects go to infiltrate the Wen sect one night, they discover that something else has already attacked the base, which has left most of its cultivators scared to death. Lan Wangji continues to find more places in the same situation. He affirms that the talismans have a reverse effect to summon evil and are drawn by the same person. On the other hand, Wang Lingjiao is panic-stricken as she suspects that Wei Wuxian has returned to haunt her and the clan. She eventually falls to the same fate as the talismans are altered. The Wen have also located the hideout of Jiang sect rebels and start an attack that overpowers them. Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng are captured and Wen Chao reveals he killed Wei Wuxian in the Burial Mound months ago. However, a flute starts to play and a mysterious demonic cultivator arrives and reanimates the dead Wen…

The Founder of Diabolism: 1×14